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I am a housewife and Mum to 3 children. I have a 13 year old son who's favourite expression is "for gods sake", a 10 year old son who thinks he is a ninja and a 5 year old daughter who thinks that tadpoles are made from frog porn...

Monday, 4 July 2011

Welcome to my world...

I’m at that age…you know the one, you feel far too old to be in a nightclub watching the drunken actions of people who probably hadn’t even been born by the time you left secondary school, wondering how on earth that young girl can go out in a skirt that short, while all this time, you can feel your mummy tummy rolling over the top of the 3 pairs of spanx that you wore on this rare night out…making it look like you are in ownership of not just one pair of saggy breasts…you actually have 2 sets although the new set is taking on the appearance of an enormous sausage.  At 34 years old…Im not sure how to act?  I spent 17 minutes the other day chasing a fly around my house, only to discover it was a blob of mascara on my eyeball.  I have also hoovered my entire house on two separate occasions whilst listening to my ipod at full blast…and then realised I hadn’t switched the hoover on…And my sons friends still wont speak to me after they caught me doing robotics and bodypopping in the kitchen to Salt N Pepa.  (I’m a cuddly size 16…it wasn’t pretty).   Is this normal behaviour for someone my age?


  1. Hey great first post.. very funny and of course its normal behaviour.. well it is for me and i am a bit older than 34...

    if you haven't already get yourself on twitter will help to promote your blog...

  2. Ha ! love it ! I get depressed in nightclubs these days and that statement alone makes me realise that I am a lot older than I imagine I actually am !

  3. Thank you...I think this blogging could become addictive :-)

  4. Perfectly normal I would say - I'm 33 and a bit more than a cuddly 16 and I think even my soon to be 2 year old's friends would be shocked to see me dancing and may laugh hysterically whilst pointing saying something along the lines of Teletubies.

    Just followed you - I'm at www.toddlingintomadness.wordpress.com

  5. Seems normal to me, except at the moment music choice is Jake and the neverland pirates! I know what you mean about going out...the days when you didn't take a coat because you didn't want to pay the cloakroom fee, and now you think God aren't they cold?

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  6. Great blog. I can't remember the last time I listened to music lol. I do remember salt and pepper.

    Dianne x

  7. I think this period of life - 30-something with kids - is when you become "muddle aged". It's all very confusing. I like your take on it though!

  8. Loving your first post- I am new to blogging too. Am now following and looking forward to reading more- your very funny!

    Feel free to pop by mine if you fancy it- it is www.mummydaddyandmemakesthree.co.uk

    I have to put it on here as it won't let me sign in with my blog. :( x