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Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm back!!

You have to love the Great British Summer, at the moment I'm either looking on ebay for a boat to get up the high street because of the torrential rain, or I am contemplating stripping naked and running around the garden to get some breeze to the parts other beers can not reach (?!?)  I can assure you...this wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Lots has happened...SpaceNinja got his first girlfriend...it lasted a whole 3 hours, in this time they had decided they were going to marry and have 2 sons called Steve and Bob, he then dumped her because she was cheating on him with Tom from up the road...Oh to be 10 again!!

I have been teaching Spacegirl the intro to Madness One Step Beyond...she has got it to a tee, although she has been prancing around singing it over and over for the last 3 days with her pretend saxophone.  I'm not sure what is worse, this song or the 'God isn't dead, no, he is alive' hymn that she had learnt at school...

My eldest son, well I haven't seen him much this hols, he has either been shut in his room playing on the xbox, or hanging around the BMX jumps looking at 'fit girls'.

I went to a festival last weekend with Spacedad, its a little festival near us, so we managed to get a babysitter and off we went for the weekend.  We assumed it was more for people our age as a lot of the bands were fairly old...we were mistaken.  When I was a lot younger, a festival meant cider and a crafty smoke of weed...Not anymore, we were camped in a field surrounded by 18/19 year olds doing 'baloons'.  Now after a bit of enquiring we were told that the balloons were filled with Nitrous Oxide and were filled by a whipped cream canister (far too complicated for me) anyway we were camped in the middle of this field and all weekend, all you could hear, all night were people filling these balloons.   Psssssssssssssssssst Psssssssssssssssst....really all night.   It was like being held hostage all weekend in a Quik Fit Tyre Centre.

Spacedad and I let them get on with it, and got wonderfully drunk on the local cider.

Hope everyones having a great holidays so far! :-)

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