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Monday, 21 November 2011

Driving test!!

So...I've got my driving test tomorrow...I'm not new to driving tests, I have in fact arrived at the test centre no less than 4 times...but have only taken my test twice.  The first time, I nearly reversed into someone while reversing around a corner, the second time my instructors car broke down on the way to the test centre...the third time I forgot to put the car into gear and the last time, the examiner wouldnt let me take the test because my brake light was out.  I must be the worlds unluckiest person!!  I've never really felt the urge to drive, I don't know the difference between a Mondeo or a Micra, and the only way I can remember the difference between the lights and the wipers is by saying over and over...Lefty Lighty...Righty Wipey, I'm sure I drive my instructor mad.

So anyway, any tips gratefully received, I have a small bag containing Bachs Rescue Remedy drops, Bachs Rescue Remedy spray, Bachs Rescue Remedy cream, Bachs Rescue Remedy pastilles and Bachs Rescue Remedy chewing gum.

Think I'm prepared enough??  

Wish me luck :-) X

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  1. I used Rescue Remedy when I had my test and it did help. I had to have my left thumb and pointy finger in an 'L' shape on the steering wheel as well so I knew which was left and right!
    Just relax (hard I know) and listen,and if your not sure get the instructor to say again.
    Fingers crossed for you and let us know how you get on x