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I am a housewife and Mum to 3 children. I have a 13 year old son who's favourite expression is "for gods sake", a 10 year old son who thinks he is a ninja and a 5 year old daughter who thinks that tadpoles are made from frog porn...

Monday, 23 April 2012

MILS, The Little Mermaid & Huge Bugs!

Well again such a long time since I have written on here, am definately going to make more of an effort to write more regularly...whats happened in my life, not much, Ive just spent a whole weekend with MIL which was exhausting to say the least, she travelled down from London and my Saturday nights entertainment was spent with her reading extracts from the guardian to me...all I wanted to do was watch the voice!  I'm still as ditzy as ever, I went out to the garage yesterday morning and immediately panicked when I saw an 8 inch bug lying upside down on the floor with his legs sticking up...I ran out of the garage screaming and had to wait 4 hours for my husband to come home and check it, I was thinking if there was one in there there must surely be more hiding in the deep dark crevices in the depths of the garage...hubby came home, checked it...it was plastic, I'm quite ashamed of myself, and not sure what my neighbours  thought of me running to my house screaming in my pjs with bed hair like Rod Stewart...

Other things that have happened??  Well Spacegirl told me her favourite film was The Little Mermaid the other day..."Whys that" I asked..."Because Mummy, you look just like Ursula the witch...:-( Not sure what to make of that one?  

I'm looking forward to a weekend away with my 2 very best friends this weekend, we are going to the Big Bang at Santa Pod in Doris the camper van, we are going to struggle going anymore that 30mph and as we live in Gloucestershire I imagine we may get there n Sunday evening just as they are packing up!  We have Whitney Houston's greatest hits to sing on the way down and I'm probably looking forward to the road trip more than the weekend!

I hope everyone is having a happy Monday Morning (I spent 5 mins this morning trying to open the front door with my car keys...kinda sets the standard for the whole day I think)

Much love X


  1. Great post it made me chuckle x

  2. Aws! Great post to start my day with a smile :) x

  3. Thank you, I know I keep saying it but I should write on this more often...I keep thinking nobody is reading it!! So thank you :-) X

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