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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Birthing Partner!!

I'm going to be a birthing partner on Friday for my friend Swampy (not her real name but given to her for reasons I'm sure you will find out).  I don't think I ever had any choice in the matter...I was told...Given the fact that I am extremely squeamish, I hope she appreciates that I am probably going to be in as much pain watching it as she will be giving birth.  On a serious note, I am excited about it, I have told her that I don't want to see the baby coming out, but I guess its a bit like a car crash...you don't want to look but you know you wont be able to help yourself.  She has been hinting that her lady garden is a bit of a mess....but that's taking our friendship a little too far.

My best friend Swampy is a one off...she's the girl that argues with you for 2 hours in a pub because she doesn't believe that 'nautical' is a word, shes the one who goes into Costa and asks if they have anything that tastes like a starbucks...she also goes into Ikea, buys £60 of stuff and pays for it with 5ps and 20ps.  Swampy lived at the local well for 5 weeks.  She lived in a makeshift tent and lived off the land while 'trying to find herself' - she left after discovering that the local 'wrong uns' used to wee in the well that she washed herself in everyday.  But she is also the most loyal friend I will ever have, never hesitates to help if she can, we have been on many adventures over the last 10 years, some of them have been crazy, some of them have been heartbreaking, through everything I know I have always got her, and she has always got me...and I have never met anyone who can make me laugh she does.

Everybody needs a friend like Swampy, she has given me more headaches in the last 10 years than anyone I know...but I wouldn't be without her.  I will be there holding her hand and wiping her brow on Friday.

If Carlsberg did birthing partners.....


  1. Good luck for Friday, a true sign of a great friendship..

    Tried following you on twitter but the button isn't working properly....

  2. Looking forward to reading all about it,and good luck!

    Twitter button is working now (well it did for me)