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I am a housewife and Mum to 3 children. I have a 13 year old son who's favourite expression is "for gods sake", a 10 year old son who thinks he is a ninja and a 5 year old daughter who thinks that tadpoles are made from frog porn...

Thursday, 7 July 2011

One day to go!

Well...its one day to go before Swampy Mark 2 is born.  I had a horrible vision last night that Swampy and I were walking into the maternity unit, and the nurses tried to get me on the bed and monitor me, no amount of arguing would convince them that I wasn't the one that was pregnant...I think I may go to Slimming World next week?!?

I've tried SW before, I lasted 4 days...I've also tried Slimfast (ugh), adios (awful mood swings, wanted to stab SpaceDad with his drumsticks).  I've also tried Xenical, I'm not good with poo, especially when it looks like orange squash!  I think the problem is...I like food and I lack willpower, as soon as my thighs start chafeing together, I think thats when I will start worrying, although saying that I no longer have bingo wings, I have jumbo jet wings!  Naked I look like a bin bag full of jelly, but in fairness who doesn't like jelly! :-)

Have a good day everyone, and thanks for your lovely comments!


  1. So funny, you have a great writing style. I'm on a mission to lose weight also, but I'm not sure where to start as I love food so much. Oh, and exercise is just boring isn't it.

    CJ xx

  2. So funny! Love the picture.

  3. Exercise smexercise! I bought zumba for the Wii, after bouncing and sweating for 10 mins feeling an absolute div in my leggings and vest wearing a bright green belt...I decided it wasn't for me. I have also tried going to the gym and ended up spending 25 mins hiding from my friends in the toilet...and swimming, let's just say I was happily doing a length of breaststroke when my boobs fell out of the top of my cossie, I'm not sure how many lengths I did before I realised! :-)

  4. I am hooked on http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ it is really helping me loose weight. I exercise at home with two tins of beans and a stepper lol and go swimming on ladies nights x